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In Search of the Sacred Feminine with Joseph Lumpkin from Randy Maugans on Vimeo.

Website: http://www.fifthestatepub.com

Writer/publisher and ancient texts researcher, Dr. Joseph Lumpkin returns for a candid talk on the Sacred Feminine. Historic roots, including Hebrew polytheism, the feminine spirit of Wisdom, Sophia, Shekinah, and the Ruach…insights into the male-dominated church systems, and the re-balancing of our spiritual relationship with God.

TFTV-Joseph Lumpkin-Forbidden Books from Randy Maugans on Vimeo.

Author/researcher/publisher, Dr. Joseph Lumpkin discusses the history and theology of so-called “forbidden”, “lost”, and rejected books of Judaism and Christianity with Randy Maugans. Other subjects include the Sacred Feminine, polytheistic roots, compilation of the Biblical canon and the doctrine of “Biblical” Christianity vs. personal faith and revelation.