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Listen to the Podcast: The Walls Will Be Empty Before The War

He who has watched now battles.

The walls are abandoned…the field’s engaged.

This war is of the heart and mind, of soul shadows in landscapes of the Spirit.

Do you feel the ground shift?

You will stand.

Do you feel the storm’s fury?

You will prevail.

You maps are useless…your scrolls outdated…your plans brought to naught.

Burn them in the fires of battle and arc the sword within.

The Truth is within you…and so is the Enemy.

You, who held Death must now deat Him on the Filed of the Soul.

You who feared Hell must know it is within you.

Conquer Them and save the world.

For the warrior IS the war, and He manifests the victory over Self, which is the enemy.

When the Self is defeated, the Dark Ones have no blood on which to feed.

There is no fear because there is no Self…there is no Death…there is no Hell.

Lose the World…the Kingdom is Within.

~Randy Maugans, October 2010