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 The Threshing Floor Radio Show-August 4, 2010-Randy Maugans

“Elisha, the Seer of Secrets”

Continuing from part 1, and the unfolding of the ben-navi (sons of the prophets), we again see how in times of extreme troubles, the Creator raises up in His people the prophets/seers as strategically placed agents of the spirit. We examine some “power encounters” in the career of the prophet/seer, Elisha.

Elisha was the supernatural spy for the king of Israel; a military strategist, and executor of both God’s judgment and mercy. The times of Elisha were times of “extreme judgment”—sudden death unto the servants of the Most High who transgressed the Holy Ghost. Greater power, higher accountability. Elisha demonstrates four key elements of the prophet-warriors: wisdom, knowledge, authority and power. Lessons we do well to emulate for the wars ahead.

Show-Notes-The Seer-Part-2 – PDF

Closing music: “Dreams of Fire”-Michael Jonathan