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Original air: September 23, 2011-Randy Maugans

“Who told thee that thou wast naked?” -Genesis 3:11

We unravel the state of the spiritual identity of man and woman, and the development—or de-evolvment—of man’s consciousness; and how the two are very much connected. What does Genesis actually tell us…and how do we assimilate what appears to be a fable, a tale, a mythological account far removed from our modern context and understandings?

The symbolisms of the Genesis account awaited this time when we better grasp the mysteries of genetics, physics, and the order of the universe, for the original creation was very much a Creative God’s divine plan to propagate the orders of the heavens into a creature made just “a little lower than the angels”. Who would ascend to join the ranks of creative beings in the multiverse…but something went wrong…a SPLIT occurred. A split in the consciousness of the “Adam”, a disruption of the divine order, and the Earth and it’s balance were horribly disrupted.

What occurred is beyond a simple partaking of a “fruit”. What occurred threatened the order of the Earth, the  cosmos and required a PLAN…all of it wrapped in the riddle of “The Fall”.

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