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The Threshing Floor Radio Show-October 31, 2010-Randy Maugans

This WORD comes forth and we break it out…who has eyes to see, ears to hear? This is a TEST.

watchmen to warriors

WORD: “The Walls Will Be Empty Before the War”

I’m hearing that the day is approaching when more watchmen will be pulled from their posts. Even now, some are being removed.

Some have been removed, but are disobedient—-these continue to speak in spite of the Lord’s instruction. In their mouths is perplexity. The faithful NEED to discern; they also need to hear the Voice inside, and begin weaning from the words of others. Even this, the “entertainment” must be fasted…the need for external voices reduced. The rebellious are on the rise, even as the true voices are stilled….

The walls will be empty in the days of the wars, for those who are Earth-dwellers…the gates inside the fortress…the one which the gates of hell cannot prevail…will be the Strong Fortress, the High Place, and they will seek to enter, who cannot.

The WORD will be within you and it will purified and quickened to the Sword of the Holy One. Fewer words…more dwelling in the Still. Within the Still lies Wisdom, which moves timeless and without warning. They which rely on the outer clamor will see only perplexity.

The outer wars are shadows…the warfare above will move into the Earth as the shift begins; what is called “reality” will bend, and men in the Earth will be beguiled…even elect who do not move in the leading of Wisdom…the gates of fortress will close and watchmen will be no more. Woe to them who did not hear…and who did not cease…their Overshepherds will intercede as they are tossed about…the War is a TEST!

Randy Maugans – Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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